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Monday, August 4, 2014

2013-14 Wrap Up

I figured I should post my wrap up before  embarking on our next school year in a few short weeks...yes, even though we're in Canada and most schools here begin in Sept - we choose a staggered start in Mid August...adding things week by week until we are running full tilt by Mid Sept. It works for us.

This is a review of the highlights of our year either because we seemed to focus on certain areas, or they simply were the most enjoyable learning experiences.

Our Garden

We made our own herb blends to give away at Christmas.

Starting Seeds...

Planting them and watching them grow.

The 3 "R's"...


A bunch of "firsts"...

First Partial Marathon... 
First time Riding Two-wheelers...

Carter's first Jay's Game

Max's first "chicken catchin" experience.

Our Hikes - usually weekly to various locations with other Home Schoolers


After we picked the apples, we made PIE.

We learned about the spices, that the explorers were after when they discovered North America.

We take a long Christmas Break... but still "learn" lot's...

 Advent and our Jesse Tree


 Niagara's First ICE STORM (December)

Polar Vortex (January)

February Fun

Polar Vortex (March)



Track & Field Meet - Guelph



International Students
As a family we have basically had boarders, tenants or family living with us since we were married 6 months with only a few months off here and there. It's been great for cultivating community and relationships, as well as helping with our monthly expenses. It was only natural for us to take in students through Hospitalite Canada. The Homestay program has placed students with us from several countries, some staying for a weekend, some for a month, 2 months and a year. We have loved sharing our Canadian culture with these students and also learning about their countries/ cultures in the process.

Korean Chaperones (we had this group twice for 2 month each time). We had a lot of fun together, especially celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Colombian Students


Great Wolf Lodge treat from Grandpa and Nana J

Mom's Weekend Get Away to South Carolina
It is so vitally important for "teacher-moms" to take a break when they can. This lady is so dear to my heart. She's been a friend for 20 years and has 2 lovely boys she homeschools, and her hubby is a 20 year bud with my hubby - a great scenario all around. She's one of the reasons I homeschool today. 4 years ago, I was a hot mess in the big mess that was my life, my family felt like it was on the brink and I found a haven in her home and arms. She loved on me, and showed me how HS was working, not trying to convert me, just living her life while I was crying in the corner. I came home and we decided we were going to homeschool after years of insisting it wasn't for me.

Three years later when the chance came to spend a moms weekend with her, I jumped. It was restoring and faith-building, so perfect.
We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we ate, and repeated that cycle from the time I got off the plane, until it was time to board to leave. I love this lady, and her family. They are a gift, they are family.
 We only stopped to shop (mostly window), and go for walks ( like this spectacular park)
 We caught a show at this theater.
 We ate here
 We sat on a bench just like this reading, talking, laughing, etc... so perfect.


Easter Egg Hunt
 Nature Study... Birds in our Back Yard

 Or... in our Dryer hose.

"Field Trips"
Maple Syrup Farm

The Drive In

Safari Niagara

Queenston Heights - the War of 1812
We've spent a great deal of time covering this, it's local history to us, but it also was covered in our history and Classical Conversations courses.

Port Dalhousie

 Niagara Safety Village in Welland

Our Homeschool Community Showcase (June)
I know I've mentioned our group before, but I just want to again mention how much I love our local HS community. Many weeks they are a lifeline to not just mom, but the kids as well. We have enjoyed the parent support nights, the holiday activities (Valentines, Christmas, Graduation,  etc), the hikes, the gym days, the weekly, monthly, scheduled and spontaneous activities. When you are a HSchooler, you NEED community. We in Niagara are very fortunate have one that is cross-denominational and spans several generations. As a family, we love it.


 Our Family Display...

Favourite Read Alouds

Year End Trip to Canada's Wonderland

Educational Pit Stop - Dinosaur Exhibit...

Our Home School Spaces...

These are only a few of the spaces, but the general impression (at least to me) is CHAOS. I actually physically get shivers (as in feeling nauseous) looking at these. Even though we had a lot of fun, and learned so so much, I think we can do better.

So as of 2 days ago, I began an overhaul of our homeschool spaces to start our next school year on a different pace. This is vital because this coming year we'll have a full time grade nine student from China as well as short term students from Colombia, meaning, we lose our "playroom" aka...I need to reorganize the whole shabang. I will show you the after pics, after I'm done.

Anyways, the boys met most of the goals we had laid out for them academically, and I'm confident that they are growing into the kind of citizens we want them to become, we have our challenges, but at the end of the day, we're trusting God with the rest, that He'll show us the way, and what we can't accomplish, He will be faithful to complete it.